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Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection

An infrared camera takes a picture of the heat of a surface. This may provide valuable information when considering concerns with insulation, condensation, overheating, or water infiltration.

Matrix Property Inspections uses a Fluke Ti32. It is a high resolution 320x240 Focal plane array detector type with a 0.05 degree sensitivity camera for optimal quality. These high end cameras are compliant with "National Master Specification" for Thermal Imaging. As a Level 1 thermographer, and with extensive experience in building envelope and training, Greg can provide valuable information on potential concerns.


Infrared cameras are very sensitive. With this high level of sensitivity, it is understandable that some conditions such as wind and sun can impact the results. The minimum recommended difference in temperature between the interior and the exterior is 15 degrees C. As well, the wind should be less than 16 km/hr.