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Levels of Inspection

Level 1 Inspection - "Readily Accessible"


  • The inspection of readily accessible components of:
  • (1) a solid fuel burning appliance or
  • (2) a site-built fireplace, and
  • (3) the venting system for: a) proper use of required components b) clearance to combustibles c) readily visible obstructions or deposits
  • Purpose

  • (1) To verify code compliance of the readily accessible components: a) at homeowners request, or b) with the homeowners permission, when required by a third party (e.g. insurance company, home buyer, etc.)


  • (1) A basic visual inspection by a W.E.T.T. certified SITE inspector, performed without a ladder or specialized tools
  • (2) A report using WETT's recommended inspection checklist(s), or similar checklist(s), for the type of system being inspected
  • Matrix Property Inspections only performs Level 1 inspections

    Level 2 Inspection - "Accessible"


  • (1) A level 1 inspection, and
  • (2) an inspection of all "accessible" components of the system for clearance to combustibles and for obstructions or deposits and
  • (3) an evaluation of the construction, sizing, condition, and suitability of the "accessible" components of the system.
  • Purpose

  • (1) When a Level 1 inspection is deemed insufficient because of a detected or suspected hazard, or
  • (2) when verification of the suitability and integrity of the system components is required, or
  • (3) after an operation malfunction or external event likely to have caused damage to the system, or
  • (4) if the system experiences combustion spillage events, or
  • (5) when an appliance is replaced, or
  • (6) when a major system component is replaced or require significant repair.
  • Process

  • (1) Inspection of accessible system components, which may include the possible disassembly of accessible system components, by a WETT certified SITE Comprehensive Inspector, or by a WETT certified Technician, as part of an installation or major system components repair process
  • (2) A report using WETT's recommended checklist(s) or similar checklist(s).
  • (3) A written evaluation of the suitability, integrity of the system.